98-102 Austin Street, Worcester, MA 01610

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These properties are located within the Crown Hill Historic District, an area that was the focus of substantial neighborhood revitalization efforts starting in 1999. The property at 98 Austin had been abandoned and gutted. It is known by local historians as the Amos White house. In more recent times, it passed through the hands of multiple owners. With their troubled past, both buildings were the focus of many local agencies including the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association, The Austin Street Initiative, Preservation Worcester, City of Worcester Health and Code, City of Worcester Fire Department, City of Worcester Police Department, Worcester Common Ground, Inc. and many concerned individuals. It was also listed on the City of Worcester's Ten-Priority Properties List. Thanks to the support of the Massachusetts Housing Partnership Fund, WCG acquired the two abandoned and distressed properties, and began construction in the winter of 2001. The project was completed in the spring of 2003 and provided nine units of rental housing that were affordable to low income households, including parking for the tenants located across the street at 101 Austin.

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