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Acquired in 2005, 115 Piedmont Street is one of three properties that were originally purchased with the intent of being developed for First Time Homebuyer purposes (this group included 109 and 84 Piedmont Street). After the crash in 2008, the feasibility of homeownership projects was low, so Worcester Common Ground (WCG) instead sought rehabilitation funding for the property as affordable rental units. In addition to such overall project funders as the LIFE Initiative and MHIC, we were lucky enough to receive Community Based Housing support, allowing us to make the first floor of the building fully accessible. In addition to accessibility features such as automatic doors in and a wheelchair ramp to the first floor apartment, all tenants have access to a shared backyard, now used regularly by residents for barbeques and family events. 115 Piedmont is managed by Maloney Properties and rental inquiries can be directed to (508) 752-0833.

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