This summer, a group of six youth worked together to create a new mural at our 133 Chandler Street building.  In what is known as “Project Comic Style”, our artists Mark A. Thomas (Mumblez), Ryan Rios (Oddity), Linnette Rivera (Blurple), Kahzay Valdes (Spaz), Nick Mangra (Apollo), and Greg Schneider (designed Mirage, a separate character) envisioned themselves as comic book characters with unique powers working in the neighborhood to create positive messages and embrace individuality. These artists came together to blend their unique art styles into something new and creative – and the result was truly amazing! 

Ultimately, their hope is to show its youth that they can be leaders in enacting positive change, and inspire others to do the right thing even if struggling in life.  “In particular, we want people to know that modern day street art is not vandalism.” – Linnette Rivera.  One of the primary goals behind their art was to change negative perceptions around their inner city neighborhoods, and around graffiti-styled street art.  They chose to do this by spreading messages of fun and joy, as well as fostering a sense of Piedmont Pride. The mural also makes sure that individualism isn’t taken for granted, but instead praised. 

The group’s advice to other young artists trying to make it in Worcester?  “Just keep going, and look for opportunities.  As long as you keep pursuing your dream, it’ll happen…Never give up.  And if you make a mistake, it’s ok.  Because only from mistakes, you learn.  And you can always paint over it.” 

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