The EAT Center was founded in 2010 as a collaborative pilot by four entities: the Mayor's office, the Regional Environmental Council (REC), Lutheran Social Services' (LSS) New Lands Farm and Worcester Common Ground (WCG).

The outcome of a shared desire to explore entrepreneurship opportunities for urban farmers, the EAT Center currently consists of three gardens (with a fourth site in development) managed by five (5) farmers supplying fresh produce to over 150 families (including their own) via farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture program(s).

The strength of the EAT Center is its carefully-designed partnership model.  Each participating organization brings a specific strategic expertise to the table, which increases efficiency and minimizes common collaborative tensions, such as competition for funding and conflicting visions for service delivery.  The REC, whose mission includes creating access to food in food insecure communities, brings urban agricultural training and capacity to the partnership, while LSS, which works with immigrant families in the city, identifies, recruits and provides ongoing support to farmers. WCG works with the mayor's office and other city departments to select and acquire appropriate lots and is responsible for the site preparation and ongoing land management for the five parcels/three gardens now in operation.


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