Urban Revival BlaQ Ink’D is a new program presented by 4 Elements and Worcester Common Ground (WCG) that aims to capture the soul of our city’s young adolescents through creativity and self-expression using urban art.  We strive to uplift the community in which they will develop the tools to build pride, value, and respect – together, we will sketch the message of love, peace, and unity. We envision a world of bold and unique color.

The concept? Our youth artists are envisioning themselves as comic book characters in the neighborhood creating positive messages and embracing individuality.  Known as “Project Comic Style,” each artist has developed their character with unique powers that reflect their personalities.

We have two current projects: We recently installed miniature plywood murals on the boarded up windows of 21 Jaques Ave, Worcester Common Ground’s next housing redevelopment project.  These murals bring a little beauty into the Piedmont neighborhood and act as a promise to our neighbors that we are committed to further beautification efforts.  Our second project is to create a new full-sized mural at our 133 Chandler St property – COMING SOON in May 2016.