"The earth is common ground and...the idea is taking form that the land must be held for safekeeping, that one generation is...responsible for the next..."

--E.B. White

Worcester Common Ground was originally founded in 1988 as the Community Land Trust (CLT) of Worcester by a group of residents concerned about absentee ownership of land and property, the high cost of housing, the displacement of families from their homes into shelters, and the fading dream of homeownership and economic opportunity.

In response to the requests of neighborhood stakeholders, WCG expanded its role in the neighborhood by becoming a Community Development Corporation (CDC) in 1989.

WCG Board at a 2013 event. From left to right: Maritza Rodríguez Roggiero, Jeff Ortiz (Chair, Community Committee), Jono O'Sullivan (Board Chair), Phil Stone (Chair, Project Committee), Ramon Borgés-Mendéz, Marge Purves (Board Clerk) and Lisa Stewart. 

Both CDCs and CLTs are powerful tools for promoting community- and resident-led development in neighborhoods. Traditionally CDCs ensure they meet the needs of the neighborhoods they serve through representative board composition, meaning that the majority of board members are residents reflecting the race, class, ethnic and language diversity of the community.  In Massachusetts, the Department of Housing and Community Development (the agency which manages affordable housing, community and economic development funding and oversight in the state) recently began to standardize CDC activity through a certification process called 40H.  WCG is pleased to have received confirmation of our 40H certified status as of December 2013.

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